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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room

13 Mar

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room

Copped this one yesterday from Vinnies Bassendean for $0.50. I also got a copy of it last year from Anglicare Belmont in about September (You can see it posted in my archives from (Aug 30 2012).

For some reason my eyes lit up when I saw this for a second time, weird. Anyway go watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme

13 Mar

Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme

$0.50 from Vinnies (Late 2012) on 215 Bulwer St in North Perth

My old man first had this on cassette around the 2000 mark. It got so thrashed in the car stereo that we not only new the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby” but I could also still recite you “Havin’ a Roni” & “Play That Funky Music”. Our cassette was grey.


Above The Rim (VHS)

13 Jan

Above The Rim (VHS)

I think I got this bad boy (ehh, but not really) from the tip in Balga a couple of months ago for a buck. So not op-shop, but on that tip and it was part of a op-shop run.

I love this film, love the inspiration I get from it, the cast and the killer soundtrack. 2pac is hilarious, he takes himself so serious, it’s a riot.

I totally live the struggle, like hood youths. Watch this, ball and channel the spirit of Marlon Wayans. Aww shit!


B.G. The Prince Of Rap – The Power Of Rhythm

13 Jan

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - The Power Of Rhythm

Can anyone say 25 cent cassette? Yes, I’m sure we all can, at least those reading this. Got this in October 2012 from St Martins op shop in Forrestfield. http://www.wa.uca.org.au/forrestfield/about/st-martins-op-shop/

Haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure there are rickety rap rhymes on dere’.



P-Money & Scribe – Stop The Music

13 Jan

P-Money & Scribe - Stop The Music

Pretty decent track rite here. Good beat, nice flows and a solid collab. Love the clip for this, one of those “yeah the struggle, uhh, what son” vibes that a white Aussie middle class boy could’ve related so well too.

3 and 3 quarters out of 5 stars. Defs worth a listen.

For a buck too, how could’ve I gone past this.


Big City – The City Never Sleeps

13 Jan

Big City - The City Never Sleeps

There are some beats on this release that go hard! But that’s not enough to distract the listener from the uncreative concepts that’re painted over the lyrics.

I think I spent 3 bucks on this a couple years ago, it was worth the plays it got, good beats for the car stereo when you wanna make noise and not pay attention to the words.


Scribe – The Crusader

13 Jan

Scribe - The Crusader

When this came out, it was massive for me and one of me mates. Big city styles sheeeeeeeeet. Deep album, sweet vocals, dope P-Money beats. Reminds me a lot of my 14 year old self. When I was most in to this I got to see Scribe at the 05 Perth Big Day Out, great moment.

Sold and bought, sold and bought. This album has been in and out of my hands several times, I guess I just cop it for old times sake every now and again cause every op shop and it’s dog stocks it for cheapies.