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House Of Pain – Jump Around (Cassingle)

13 Mar

House Of Pain - Jump Around (Cassingle)

$0.50 from Bassendean Vinnies (22 Old Perth Road) [Bought 12th of March 2013, 4pm]

Damn you Martine! Not just for your ridiculous name but for making me ruin the paper sleeve with Eucalyptus oil. I was just so pumped up from the classic 90’s anthem that I didn’t see what I was doing until had it been diggedy done (cross 90’s hip hop reference).
By the by, if you go out clubbing in Bali you’ll hear House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ at least 4 times a night.


Casualties Of War – Eric B. & Rakim

13 Jan

Casualties Of War - Eric B. & Rakim

Go on, let’s hear ya say 25 cents again. Copped this one from St. Martins church op shop on the same visit as the B.G. Prince pick up. http://www.wa.uca.org.au/forrestfield/about/st-martins-op-shop/

This must be a rare cassette cause I can’t find cassette listings for it anywhere on the net, if y’all are in the know hook a brother up with a link yo.

Peep game.


B.G. The Prince Of Rap – The Power Of Rhythm

13 Jan

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - The Power Of Rhythm

Can anyone say 25 cent cassette? Yes, I’m sure we all can, at least those reading this. Got this in October 2012 from St Martins op shop in Forrestfield. http://www.wa.uca.org.au/forrestfield/about/st-martins-op-shop/

Haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure there are rickety rap rhymes on dere’.


Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet

1 Nov

ImageI had this bad boy on c.d when I was 11, made for great listening on many a school camp back in the c.d walkman days.

911 is a joke was Flavor Flav going ham in a hilarious way. Flav has gotta be the original cracked out rapper, from before the days of O.D.B.

Check suss. Also “Fear Of A Black Hat” who what? You go find what that is too.

Fight The Power – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PaoLy7PHwk


GZA -Liquid Swords

30 Aug


I’ve had a hate/it’s okay relationship with this album. I originally got it from a record store cause I heard it was the best solo Wu-Tang release. Fart noisssssssssse! I wouldn’t claim any being the best but my fav is probably Ghost Face’s Fishscale. I got this from an op-shop in the Northern Suburbs, it was close to a year ago so I don’t remember which oppy it was.

Duel Of The Iron Mic – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZYYNCZhYQc


Ghost Dog – The Way Of The Samurai

30 Aug


Soundtrack to an Awesome Jimmy Jarmusch film from the Nineties. RZA dictates the album a bit to much but there’s some cool Wu-esk ish on there.

I got this one within the past month but my brainy no remember what oppy it was from.

East New York Stamp – Jeru & Afu-Ra – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTPhR3tb2TE


Cypress Hill III: Temples Of Boom

30 Aug


Great album, mad nineties flavours. Track ‘Throw ya set in the air’ which was a jab at Ice Cube, even transcended it’s way into an episode of The Simpsons.

Throw Your Set In The Air – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZePqyQm2dZk