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Rap Beginnings Vol 2

13 Mar

Rap Beginnings Vol 2

Ice T is on this. You’re not. Unless you’re Ice T. Then you’re probably on this bruz.

50 cents from Vinnies in Belmont circe 29/1/13


N.W.A – Niggaz4Life

13 Mar

N.W.A - Niggaz4Life

I haven’t heard many of the joints off this one and I won’t be anytime soon cause the mother fucker who donated it only gave the case. I could just youtube them but fuck that. Interesting track list doe, seems like the less success they got off this album was not mirrored by how shocking the titles of their songs are.. or was it? Nah it probably wasn’t..



N.W.A – 100 Miles And Runnin

13 Mar

N.W.A - 100 Miles And Runnin

One of my least favourite N.W.A tracks but regardless of my subjective feelings towards it.. it obviously goes hard!

Awesome cover artwork, got this in a good haul from the Vinnies in Belmont for 50 cents on the 29th of January 2013.



Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle

13 Mar

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle

Got this bad boy from Good Sammy’s in Osborne Park on the 20th of January 2013. Bit steep at $4 but it’s a solid as fuck album.

Biggest sleeper on the album features the one and only Nate Deezy. Also “K.U.R.U.P.T any, you just bring my bottle of Remi/” is on there too.



Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room

13 Mar

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room

Copped this one yesterday from Vinnies Bassendean for $0.50. I also got a copy of it last year from Anglicare Belmont in about September (You can see it posted in my archives from (Aug 30 2012).

For some reason my eyes lit up when I saw this for a second time, weird. Anyway go watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Boyz II Men – Cooleyhighharmony

13 Mar

Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony

$0.50 from Vinnies at 22 Old Perth Road Bassendean on the 12th of March 2013.

Do yourself a favour and peep this clip. Dudes got crazy styles!

P.s Hip Hop style beats with some 90’s R&B pop flavours.



Tony Toni Tone – If I Had No Loot

13 Mar

Tony Toni Tone - If I Had No Loot

$0.50 from Vinnies at 22 Old Perth Road Bassendean on 12/3/13

Until coping this tape I’d never heard these guys but Iron Solomon has mentioned them before and looking at the cover the seemed the part.

“If I Had No Loot” is okay, not hip hop, I recommend “Let’s Get Down”. Dj Quik is on that one, top notch!