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Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme

13 Mar

Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme

$0.50 from Vinnies (Late 2012) on 215 Bulwer St in North Perth

My old man first had this on cassette around the 2000 mark. It got so thrashed in the car stereo that we not only new the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby” but I could also still recite you “Havin’ a Roni” & “Play That Funky Music”. Our cassette was grey.


House Of Pain – Jump Around (Cassingle)

13 Mar

House Of Pain - Jump Around (Cassingle)

$0.50 from Bassendean Vinnies (22 Old Perth Road) [Bought 12th of March 2013, 4pm]

Damn you Martine! Not just for your ridiculous name but for making me ruin the paper sleeve with Eucalyptus oil. I was just so pumped up from the classic 90’s anthem that I didn’t see what I was doing until had it been diggedy done (cross 90’s hip hop reference).
By the by, if you go out clubbing in Bali you’ll hear House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ at least 4 times a night.