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Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader

1 Nov

ImageClassic golden era shit rite here. I have a bit of a love hate vibe for Rakim. Regardless, this release is nice yo!

Microphone fiend is bone chilling. I couldn’t escape it as a kid. It seeped in to the likes of the Freddy Got Fingered soundtrack and even revolutionary Rage Against The Machine covered it.

Microphone Fiend –



Public Enemy – Yo! Bum Rush The Show

1 Nov

ImageI didn’t vibe this album so much but the title of it is colossal.

Top notch joint below here.

Public Enemy Number 1 –

Run DMC – Raising Hell

1 Nov

ImagePeter Piper, It’s Tricky, My Adidas & Walk This Way. This album was an increda-hit machine. Crazy joints, all of those tracks are worth sussing and dancing to at your house party. Have a house party now!

I was into Run DMC and adidas in a major way when I was consistently pumping these tracks about a decade ago. These guys were in the 80’s hip hop flick Krush Groove which is another masterpiece ya’ll gotta go suss.

Peter Piper –

Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet

1 Nov

ImageI had this bad boy on c.d when I was 11, made for great listening on many a school camp back in the c.d walkman days.

911 is a joke was Flavor Flav going ham in a hilarious way. Flav has gotta be the original cracked out rapper, from before the days of O.D.B.

Check suss. Also “Fear Of A Black Hat” who what? You go find what that is too.

Fight The Power –