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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake The Room

30 Aug


I used to love this joint, had this album on cd in the early 2000’s. The release of it pre-dated my initial ownership of it by about a decade.


I copped the tape a bit over a month ago from Anglicare op-shop at 9/199 Abernethy Road, Belmont WA 6104.

Boom! Shake The Room –


Cypress Hill – Black Sunday

30 Aug


So classic, I’ve owned at least 3 different copies of this album in my time. First got put onto it in 2001 by my old Man. Excellent beats combined with great flows makes the quintessential Cypress Hill album.

I don’t have a clue which oppy I copped this cd.

Hits From The Bong –


Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq Fu – da Return

30 Aug


One of Shaq’s less shit albums. It probably goes down a bit nicer because of the features including production hook ups. Speaking of hooks or lack there of.

Until I bought this copy of da Return I had never seen a Shaq album and then I see this an 2 others in one week all from op-shops.

I copped this album from Save The Children at 77 Wanneroo Road
Tuart Hill.

No Hook (Ft. RZA & Method Man) –


Young M.C. – Stone Cold Rhymin’

30 Aug


Two classic songs and a bunch of crap. The killer anthem ‘Bust A Move’ carries this album well enough that it was worth the 2 or 3 dollars I paid for it. I got this one in 2011 I think, not sure where in W.A though.

Principal’s Office –


Busta Rhymes – The Coming

30 Aug


By Far Busta’s best album and perhaps unfortunately for him this was his first solo full length release. I’ve had a handful of Busta albums in my possession at one time or the other and the only other Busta album that’s half decent is ‘The Genesis’ which I got recently from an op-shop. This has that beautiful Golden Era (early nineties) sound, more than 3 quarters of the tracks are 4 out of 5 stars. Flow and beats are killer on this one.

Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad (Posee Cut) –


A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

30 Aug


This was a really sweet find from my recent trip to New York in April 2012. It was from a Salvo’s at 268 West 96th Street

Electric Relaxation & Award Tour are on this baby, two of the tightest songs that if the rest of the album was whack it’d still be a 4 and a half out of 5 stars l.p.

Electric Relaxation –


GZA -Liquid Swords

30 Aug


I’ve had a hate/it’s okay relationship with this album. I originally got it from a record store cause I heard it was the best solo Wu-Tang release. Fart noisssssssssse! I wouldn’t claim any being the best but my fav is probably Ghost Face’s Fishscale. I got this from an op-shop in the Northern Suburbs, it was close to a year ago so I don’t remember which oppy it was.

Duel Of The Iron Mic –